Getting the Source

As far as I can tell, there is at least a modified Linux kernel in TheBook. Given the Augen distributes this software which is licensed under the GPL in binary form as part of their firmware, the license should also bind them to provide this modified source code to their users. Given that, I wrote them a letter on 2010-Dec-13, asking whether they would do so. I received an email from them on 2011-Jan-03 in reply. Not good news, I'm afraid. They provided a link to their binary firmware package and said that it was all they would offer. I won't argue with them about it, but I will contact the FSF and see if they feel like looking into it. Perhaps they have the resources and patience to reach the people at Augen who need to be aware of their compliance problems. If not, maybe they can tell me who does GPL enforcement for the Linux kernel.

I've received a recent mail from Ivan who suggests that TheBook is actually made by HiVision. As you can see, the device on their web site looks interestingly close. As of 2011-Jan-09, I've written a note to HiVision asking whether they are the manufacturer of the device, and whether – in that case – they can help us by providing source code. Watch this space.

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